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How you can support us

Praying for us

  • Regular NEWS updates will be posted on this website and these will list points for prayer.
  • A newsletter with points for prayer is sent out by Grahame & Patty Scarratt every 3 months. This incorporates the work of the publishing company, Libros Gran Panorama, and the Life Change through Christ Trust. If you wish to receive this newsletter please email your request to, including your name and the email address to which you wish to have the newsletter sent.
  • If you wish to receive more direct information, please email us at

Financial contributions

Donations may be made in the following ways:

  • Make payments directly to the LCC Trust bank account:
    Bank: Westpac
    BSB: 032689
    Account Number: 183308
    Account Name: Life Change through Christ Trust
    In this instance, please email us the details so we can issue you a receipt. ALL donations have to be receipted by law due to government rules for Trust Fund management.
  • Send donations by cheque or money order to the Finance Secretary:
    Mr Shaun Sandison
    198 Farmborough Road
    Unanderra NSW     2526