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The Mission

The mission of the LCC Trust is "to make God's Word more widespread and better known amongst people in Latin America so they get to know God in a deeper way. We have a particular emphasis on the spread of Biblical Theology so that they people gain an understanding of the unity of the Bible and the progressive revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout its entirety. This in its turn will lead to the development of leaders who can discern contemporary issues in light of biblical principles." (LCC Trust deed.)

The Trust aims to do this in several ways:

  1. publish key Spanish books and materials in a variety of media forms and for a wide variety of age groups, which expound Biblical Theology and its implications for life change in a Christian believer's daily living.
  2. sell such materials at a price that the majority of people in Latin America can afford to pay.
  3. strive to make these materials known and widely accepted throughout Latin America.
  4. promote Biblical Theology through courses and programs which enable people to deepen their understanding of the Bible and to learn to apply it to all situations in life.


The founders

Grahame & Patty Scarratt have worked in Latin America since 1980, during which time they set up MOCLAM: Moore College in Latin America, an organization which facilitates the use of the external courses from Moore Theological College in Spanish. In 2003 they returned to Australia and until 2010, spent 3-4 months each year travelling on that continent promoting the courses, doing seminars on Biblical Theology and promoting books they have published in Spanish. They are now based in Kiama, New South Wales, Australia and continue to work in conjunction with MOCLAM (Moore College en Latinoamérica), and in the preparation of materials for publication in Spanish.

In the latter half of 2005, due to their frustration over not being able to get the good books used as texts for the Moore College courses published in Spanish, they set up a non-profit publishing company which allows them to publish, at a price that the average person in Latin America can afford to pay, books such as those mentioned on the Libros Gran Panorama home page. They are pursuing this venture as a ministry and not a viable economic proposition so that the prices of the materials can be kept to a minimum on that continent.

As a result of this initiative, on the 28th December, 2006, Grahame & Patty set up the Life Change through Christ Trust (LCC Trust) to raise money to fund the publication of some of the great Christian books and other materials available in English in the area of Biblical Theology and which we enjoy and take so much for granted.

In 2016 their son Phil joined them in the ministry team. He was 6 years old when he went to Chile in 1980 and has many memories of study groups there and of much computer work and the writing and printing of courses and books. After finishing school and whilst at University, Phil studied many of the distance-learning courses from Moore College and was heavily involved in his local church, leading youth groups and Bible studies, with occasional opportunities to preach and to teach the Moore College courses. During this time he married, had 3 children and set up and ran his own business. Nevertheless he became more and more desperate to be involved in a gospel ministry rather than in the secular sphere. He now serves at Harbour Church, Shellharbour, NSW, Australia as an elder and Bible study leader, amongst other things.

The team is hoping to raise sufficient funds to enable the production of approximately six books/items per year, with a proposed budget of approximately $96,000 per annum. This figure will change over the next few years as Grahame & Patty pull back and other folk have to be paid to do the various tasks that they currently do at no cost to the ministry. A very small amount of money comes from sales, although the team will always have to raise money via the Trust for this purpose, as the price at which the books are sold does not produce much income. Under God's hand, Grahame, Patty & Phil, together with the other trustees, are looking to publish and promote the books published throughout the Latin world, selling them out of Miami in the USA where the sale and distribution of Spanish books is focused, as well as doing small print runs in several countries to facilitate the access folk can have to the books in those countries. They are currently seeking other Christian people who are able to support this great ministry in published materials financially and in prayer, and thus to share with others in Latin America the great blessings we receive in the west through printed materials.

The trustees

Photo of Grahame Scarratt Grahame Scarratt (Ex-Director MOCLAM – Moore College in Latin America – and missionary)

Photo of Ian CarmichaelIan Carmichael (Operations & Finance Manager, Matthias Media, Sydney)

Photo of Dianne AllenDianne Allen (Retired Educator)
Photo of Barry WallbankBarry Wallbank (Retired Scientist)
Photo of Peter SchollPeter Scholl (Director MOCLAM - Moore College in Latin America, clergyman and missionary)

The council of reference

  • Most Rev. Peter Jensen (author and Anglican Archbishop of Sydney).
  • Rev David Peterson (author and visiting lecturer at Moore College).
  • Rev. Graeme Goldsworthy (author and visiting lecturer at Moore College).